Wheel arch liner removal

Before rustproofing the chassis, I reckoned it was worth stripping away the front right plastic wheel arch liner to inspect the condition underneath.  Removing the liner was easy although I snapped a couple of the plastic clips in doing so, a bag of spares will be needed no doubt.  By and large all was in good order, except for a few bubbles of rust on the wheel arch lip – this will need treatment.

What was more surprising was the crud that came from behind the wheel arch liner, it’s no wonder they rust!  All told a worthwhile exercise which gives good access for rustproofing and treating the chassis.  I can’t wait to change out the strut damper and brakes and get stuck in.  Brake disc dimensions don’t seem to match the online catalogues so I’ll have to sort that when it comes to buying them.  All the measurements are taken, just waiting for pay day now!

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