It all started with the Phoenix Park Motor Races in 1996. Jean-Cristophe Bouillon was to do a few demonstration laps in the 1995 World Championship Williams F1 car, and as an impressionable young F1 fanatic, I simply had to capture the moment. Using a Hanimex 110 camera, from behind the safety fence which was a huge distance away form the track, I ended up with several photos of the Phoenix Park scenery with the odd Blue and White flash of Rothmans livery. From that day on, the quest to improve my technique and equipment was born, a quest that continues today.

Thousands of images, several hundred euro, a few tutorials and a bit of reading later, here I am building a site to showcase the ‘best’ of my photos. The equipment may have changed, the format may have changed but the goal remains the same – capture, review, analyse, improve…and go again.

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