There are few experiences quite like a day at bike road racing, particularly of the Irish variety.  It is truly a privilege to stand at the side of the road inches, literally inches from a tuned motorbike being muscled around a closed public road.  It makes the MotoGP gladiators look positively ordinary, which in itself is no mean feat.  Where the circuit boys get special asphalt, racing kerns, sand traps and impact absorbing tyre walls, the road racers thread the needle between walls, telegraph poles and gable ends.  All on potholed, bumpy, pockmarked thoroughfares with cats-eyes, manholes and various different surfaces.

There may come a day when we are denied this spectacle, but until then, it is the obligation of the petrolhead to get out and support their local road races.  Hopefully these images capture some of what you can expect.







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